First of all, it is seen that prefabricated houses and light steel structures are confused. The reason for this confusion is that both are referred to as prefabricated houses. It is necessary to know the differences between a prefabricated house and a steel frame house in detail. Without going into technical details, the differences can be listed as follows:

Prefabricated building is a building system in which all materials are manufactured in the factory and these materials are assembled on the ground concrete in the field. The assembly is completed within 1 week at the latest.

There is assembly work in the light steel building system. Walls, floor grating and roof trusses consisting of steel profiles are produced in the factory environment, and these materials are assembled on site. The cladding of the steel frame and the laying of insulation material between it is also carried out on site. All these processes are not just a simple assembly. It is completed in 20 to 30 days.

On the Structural System...

Prefabricated buildings have 10 cm outer walls and 6 cm inner walls, so it would not be correct to say that they are weaker than steel houses in terms of durability. The two are built with different systems:

In prefabricated buildings, steel H profiles are placed between each wall panel and these panels are supported by other profiles and fixed to the ground. The assembly team is very important in this process. However, the material quality of the prefabricated company is important.

Light steel structures have a different construction system. All parts of the structure created with steel profiles are prepared in the factory. Therefore, a web-shaped steel construction consisting entirely of steel is obtained. It is loaded onto the truck with the insulation material (rock wool) and coating material (fibercement) to be placed in between. It is assembled on the concrete that our customer has previously poured on the land. The walls of light steel houses are thicker and the insulation is better thanks to the insulation materials.

At this point, considering that there are different types of light steel and prefabricated houses with different construction systems, care should be taken to choose the most durable material for the house in question to be reliable. However, in this way, you can buy without question without any problems. Among these, you can choose the model that is suitable for your budget and use.