A prefabricated house is a type of dwelling that can be customized according to the specific preferences of the individual purchasing it, such as single or double-story, number of rooms, square meters, etc. These houses are designed based on the customer's needs and can be relocated to another area as desired, provided that it is compatible with the layout plan.

How to Build a Prefabricated House?

Before assembling the prefabricated house components, it is necessary to prepare the foundation concrete for the prefabricated house. Prior to pouring the concrete, the ground should be leveled and compacted thoroughly. Following this process, a drainage system is installed, and then the concrete is poured. Electrical and plumbing installations are carried out. Optionally, sound and thermal insulation may be applied. Subsequently, the building installation commences, with the wall panels being erected first, followed by the flooring if it is double-story, and finally, the roof is mounted.

Prefab structures can be utilized not only as residential homes but also for various other purposes such as offices, construction site facilities (dormitories, dining halls, administrative offices, social facilities, etc.), vacation homes, or even for agricultural purposes. The quality of prefab houses, which are the most practical and fastest solution for meeting housing needs, may vary depending on factors such as the company's experience, assembly, and the materials used. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Prekon Prefabrik is a company equipped with a team that possesses extensive knowledge and expertise. Their showroom showcases various sample projects of prefab, steel, and container structures, providing a glimpse into the range of work they have completed and can undertake. They also guide clients based on their specific requirements for custom projects.

Is a License Required When Buying a Prefabricated House?

According to Article 20 of the Zoning Law No. 3194, buildings can be built in accordance with the regulations, zoning plan and license. For this reason, some permits must be obtained for prefabricated houses, as in other types of buildings.

For a prefab house, obtaining a building permit is required, which involves first obtaining zoning permission. Building permits can be obtained by applying to the provincial special administration or municipality of the area where the house will be constructed.