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The light steel building system stands out especially with its construction speed, aesthetics and being a safe building system. Prekon steel structures, which are built in accordance with all kinds of traditional and modern architectural structures and offer very aesthetic living spaces, are very safe against earthquakes.

With the prefabricated building model, its design and implementation is completed in a short time and it can be installed wherever you want. Being a lightweight building material makes steel very advantageous, especially on weak ground.

If you want your new home to be both very robust and very aesthetic, let us design steel houses that challenge traditional building methods!

Light steel houses, which are built by taking into account the terrain and climate conditions, offer a comfortable life in four seasons in areas intertwined with nature with ideal heat and sound insulation, a wide range of models and colors.

If you would like to see Prekon steel houses, which defy the years with the strength and durability of steel, combine the power of steel with aesthetics, make life easier with superior prefabricated building technology, and get detailed information, we are waiting for you at our sales office.

Prekon Difference in Light Steel Structure System,

Prekon, which has a very strong light steel production infrastructure, has a flexible production infrastructure with rollform production lines with 3 different sections. This strong infrastructure allows for an economic solution according to the project.

Prekon has the strongest technical team in the sector with high experience in the design and project design of light steel structure system.

In building materials; By choosing the highest quality products in carrier material, coating and insulation material, it prevents problems that may occur in the future.

What Can Be Done With Light Steel Structure System?

Buildings produced with light steel structure system are mostly used for health, education, trade and social purposes. Long-term construction is also preferred in mining camps as it offers more comfortable living spaces. Aesthetic and permanent luxury residences are also often built with light steel construction system.