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The prefabricated building system offers significant advantages thanks to its ease of use and flexibility due to its structure. It is also preferred in projects that serve different purposes such as buildings designed for professional use, social housing and senior staff housing.

Prekon produces practical structures that stand out with their economy, can be installed quickly, are suitable for seasonal use and designed for different climate zones. Prefabricated buildings exported to many countries around the world offer aesthetic and comfortable living spaces.

Prekon is a company where all production phases of a building are carried out with scientific and understandable methods, based on functionality and always life satisfaction, with the vision of designing fully equipped living spaces with its strong staff, each of whom is an expert in their field. It has integrated machines and programs using the latest technology to be used in production with completely equity investments and shortened production and application times.

Prekon Difference in Prefabricated Building System,

Prekon realizes the transportation of the prefabricated buildings it produces and applies to the new place with a maximum of 5% loss when the work is finished.

In contrast to the constant fluctuations in input costs during the construction process in conventional construction methods, in the practical ready-made construction system, all costs are determined and fixed at the time of the contract. Therefore, the total investment cost is low. Unnecessary labor and construction site costs are avoided thanks to the ability to create the work-time schedule in real time.

It also provides transportation (disassembly and assembly) services for your existing prefabricated buildings with the same precision.

From floor concrete to floor coverings, from electrical installations to heating and cooling installations, it has the capacity to build your entire building on turnkey basis.

What Can Be Done With Prefabricated Building System?

Buildings produced with prefabricated system can be used as housing, multi-purpose service buildings, office, dining hall, dormitory, WC-Shower, social facility building in construction sites.