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Prekon produces economical and practical living spaces by combining the latest technology with perfect infrastructure, design and aesthetics. It realizes all stages of its projects from A to Z from design to production and assembly with its expert staff.

It offers structures that will make architects, engineers and workers feel at home in the harsh conditions of construction site life. It offers an ideal living space for short-term use. It is produced ready for use in the production facility and mounted on the floor when it reaches the area where it will be used. It can be used without the need for any additional work. Large buildings up to 4 floors can be built by combining container modules horizontally and vertically. It can be easily installed, stored and transported.

Prekon Difference in Containers,

It offers your entire building on a turnkey basis, from floor concrete to heating and cooling installations.

It also provides the transportation (disassembly and assembly) of existing living containers with the same precision.

When the living containers produced and applied by Prekon are finished, they are transported to the new place with a maximum loss of 2%.

It undertakes to provide its service in case of future problems.

Through its strong logistics network, it also provides sea and land project transportation both domestically and internationally.

What Can Be Done With Containers?

Buildings constructed using containers can be used as office, dining hall, dormitory, WC-Shower, social facility buildings at construction sites. In addition, temporary or permanent camps, offices for short-term use, sales offices, taxi stops, living spaces and residences that need to be relocated over time can also be built with living containers.