Prekon was founded by a team of professionals with 10 years of experience in the field of pre-engineered structures, experienced in marketing, production and implementation.

For many years, it has been offering its customers prefabricated buildings, construction site mobilization buildings, light steel constructions, living containers and cabins in high quality and international standards.

By combining its production infrastructure and technical facilities, which have a high potential in this field, with material quality, it creates economical and high quality products.

The most important pillar of the solution is a strong technical infrastructure and production phase. Raw materials and semi-finished products, which are of high quality and controlled on-site, are processed with a strong engineering infrastructure and appropriate techniques and transformed into a product range that has the potential to meet all kinds of needs.

During the installation phase, Prekon offers a unique construction site environment with its carefully selected competent teams. Prekon's corporate level relationship with its customers continues uninterruptedly throughout all processes.

The organization and unique process management established by Prekon ensures that the operations carried out by its experienced teams result in the satisfaction of its customers and the elimination of incalculable costs.

Focusing on the complete, trouble-free and timely delivery of the works it undertakes, Prekon exhibits an approach focused on finding the most suitable solution for its customers' construction sites at every stage.

With its customer satisfaction-oriented principles, Prekon will continue to serve our beautiful country in building a happy society with happy individuals in the future as it has been for many years.

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