Prefabricated building materials (Wall panels, steel joint elements, ceiling cladding, ceiling insulation and roofing materials) Exterior door steel door, interior doors American panel door, balcony doors PVC glazed door installation, windows, transoms and glass installation, interior and exterior painting of the building, electrical and water installations in the building, electrical and water armatures are included.
Ground concrete and all kinds of excavation and landscaping works, floor and wall coverings (screed, ceramic, carpet, tile, etc.), making external connections outside the prefabricated building (electricity, sewage, clean water), permits and license works to be obtained from the municipality, heating and cooling installations (heating, air conditioning, etc.), accommodation and food costs of the assembly team in assemblies outside Samsun, transportation and transportation insurance of the material belong to our customer. We can provide services related to the above-mentioned items upon the request of our customers.
We can serve every region of Turkey. For purchases outside Samsun, the buyer covers the accommodation and food expenses of the assembly team. (rough assembly team is 5, paint assembly team is 2 people)
The license is at the initiative of the Municipality in the area where the building will be located. The customer is responsible for obtaining architectural plan, electrical plan, mechanical plan and ground survey to obtain the license. The license and all other legal permits are the responsibility of our customer.
The outer wall thickness we use in prefabricated houses is 10 cm. EPS with a density of 16 dansti between the wall panels and rock wool used for roof insulation provide much more heat and sound insulation than a normal reinforced concrete building.