Prefabricated house models, which have various superiorities in terms of installation, insulation, durability, cost and similar issues that form the cornerstone of a building, can become an alternative, especially when compared to reinforced concrete structures. Prefabricated houses, which are a much more suitable choice in terms of environmental health, contain forward-looking and promising options not only in terms of comfort but also in terms of environmental sensitivity.

Prefabricated Houses Offer More Economic Solutions Compared to Reinforced Concrete Structures

Prefabricated houses, which are extremely affordable in terms of cost, have a serious insulation value compared to reinforced concrete if built correctly. Building sound and heat insulation is very superior. It is insulated using glass wool and rock wool. You will be settled in prefabricated houses, which are absolutely advantageous in terms of time, within 2 weeks, and it is not possible to harm you during an earthquake. The steel frame, also defined as a prefabricated house, offers you a serious earthquake resistance. The carcass can be covered with the desired material and the exterior cladding wall can be mounted on it or American siding (exterior cladding) can be made. Artificial and natural stone cladding can be applied, plastered, it completely depends on demand.