It does not require a long construction phase like other reinforced concrete structures. These parts, which are brought ready before construction, are installed at that moment and the construction is completed. The extremely practical and fast process will meet the expectations of all construction owners.

The steel construction process is realized by combining steel construction parts of certain dimensions. One of the main reasons why steel is preferred is that it is robust and easy to shape. It can take different shapes by gaining easy movement such as bending and bending.

Another reason why prefabricated and steel construction buildings are preferred is that they are resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters.

Earthquake Resistant Housing

Prefabricated structures built as earthquake residences are also preferred for their elegant appearance and durability. Varying model richness is preferred in different geographical regions. Climate conditions, the shape of the land are the factors that determine the choice of model in prefabricated houses.

The rapid construction stages and affordability of prefabricated houses are among the primary reasons for their popularity. Interior designs can also be customized according to individual preferences. Prefabrication companies that also handle transportation to rural areas ensure a smooth construction process.

Transportation and worker accommodation costs for ready-made prefab houses will not be included in the construction price. Due to their safety and durability, prefab houses are becoming increasingly popular each day.